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About Me

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About Me

S.Herianto, born in Sumenep, March 7, 1974. Everyday he works as a teacher. Domiciled in Sumenep, residence in Malang. Very passionate about writing and photography. Active in the Kata Bintang community. Also as editor of several books.

Several short stories were published in the print media of Ceria Remaja, Aneka YES, Anita, and Malang Pos. One of the short stories was published in the short story anthology “Graffiti Imaji,” YMS, Jakarta, 2002. As well as an anthology of short stories from a collaboration entitled “Ritual Senja,” Al Fath, Sumenep, 2014; one of the short stories published in the short story anthology “Our Fantasy,” Friends of PMP, 2017; editor of Sumenep Folklore Book: “The Scattered Pearls,” Sumenep Literacy House, 2018; and Author of Inspirational Children's Storybooks: “Iva & Pinky,” Abida Mahra, 2018; Me and My Student, Divapress, Yogyakarta, 2008; Book of Pentigraph 2, Delima, Malang, 2018, Poetry Anthology of 1000 Asean Teachers Writing Poetry, Asnur Art House, 2018, and Laskar Lempung, Kekata Publisher, 2018, 333 Poems for the President, Zenawa, 2019; and Jesica's Last Diary, Kunfayakun, 2019 and Fauna Kingdom Civilization, Masmedia, 2020.




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