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Artisaly (US) Affiliate Programme


Artisaly (US) Affiliate Programme

Artisaly is a marketplace for crafted Italian furniture and home décor.
We offer the possibility to purchase Made in Italy design goods
that have long been inaccessible to many as a result of market positioning (luxury industry).

Artisaly reconstructs the personal, 1:1 relationship typical in a real-life Italian “bottega”. It's a digital journey to discover ancient arts, new designs, and exclusive objects. The “Made in Italy” becomes more democratic and affordable.

We don’t feature big brands but instead artisan products handcrafted in "bottegas" throughout the country. We don’t carry designer goods whose value lies in their label alone but rather products whose quality is intrinsic and unmistakable, irrespective of how well-known their producers are.

We primarily offer pieces made to order, tailormade for that specific client, exactly as happens in a real-life Italian “bottega”.

Our items belong to 4 categories: furniture, home décor, lighting e fashion. All products are handmade by Italian artisans and designers.


  •  United States of America

Account Contacts 

  •  Danilo Potenza
    Preferred Contact Method:Telephone


Artisaly is a marketplace for crafted Italian furniture and home décor. Shop now!


The style and the design of made in Italy craftsmanship. Shop now on


Artisaly is the online shop to discover original handcrafted creations made in Italy. Furniture, home décor, lighting and fashion. Shop now!


Discover the wonderful creations of Italian artisan. Ceramics, Furniture, Fashion and Lighting. Shop Now!



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