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Writing Flows Following The Imagination

Writing Flows Following The Imagination. Freedom writing, freedom your life with writing. Writing is the highest skill of the four language skills. A person can write fluently, if he likes to read. Writing skills are closely related to thinking skills.

Fiction writers are very smart in their right brain connecting everything into an interesting story or poetry. Reading and writing are twin brothers who strengthen each other.

Writers need nutrition from reading activities. The sediment of everything they read will become the raw material in their later writings. When needed, the reading experience provides all his knowledge to be written in the author's hand.

Only one condition if you want to be a writer, read. Writing flows following the imagination is the final stage resulting from years of reading experience. Reading experience will give new birth and fresh writings. Like people giving birth, the experience of reading gives birth to healthy and intelligent children.

Only one condition if you want to be a writer, read. What are we going to read? Of course a lot of books. Even when writers block, read the helper.

There are many ways people write and become writers. Some have writing desks. There are also those without writing desks. There are also many writers with certain types of writing. There are song writers, essay writers, news, script, joke, poem, poetry, technical writers, resume writers,  etc. There are even some who just become ghost writers. The author is truly free to make himself whatever he wants and make whatever he wants.

Free your life by pursuing writing. Writing can be a catalyst for all feelings and thoughts. Writing can be an entertaining space, place, and recreational park. Writing can also be a loyal last friend. Write, follow your imagination. Happy working, then bring out your best work.

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