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International Human Solidarity Day Theme: Four Core Goals 2021



What are the four core objectives of the 2021 International Human Solidarity Day theme? Here's the theme in full.

To eradicate poverty and promote the culture of cooperation, equality and social justice, which tends to human (humanity) and social development particularly in developing countries.


If the theme is abstracted, there are several important things, namely: eradicating poverty, promoting a culture of cooperation, human and social development and social justice.

Of course, the theme is related to issues regarding the universal declaration of human rights and their violations. We see this violation a lot in world news from various countries. We have witnessed many violations of human rights watch on YouTube, for example, to this day. War, famine, childish demonstrations, poverty, and so on.

What is the history of the International Solidarity Day? Starting from the millennium declaration in which there is a basic value of international relations. Anyone on earth who is in violation of human rights must be helped. For this purpose, strong international cooperation is needed in the form of world humanitarian solidarity. All the welfare of the inhabitants of the earth should be the joint responsibility of the countries around the world.

Then the General United Nation (UN) proclaimed December 20 as International Human Solidarity Day as a form of campaign so that the whole world, the world community, would be concerned about all problems in various countries. Working together to solve humanitarian problems so that they are prosperous, especially alleviating poverty by raising funds.

In the spirit of celebrating the International Day of Solidarity, let's create a safe, prosperous and peaceful world. All countries must work together to realize this goal. For the earth is better as a good place to live too. Avoid war and break up, make peace. Eradicating poverty by eradicating corruption. Save reserves of natural resources for posterity, to be inherited in the future. Improve relations between countries. There should be no domination of one state or group of countries over another. Be honest and fair, the leaders of the country for the common good.

Here are some twibbonizes to use as profile photos on your social media status. If you care and support the content and purpose of the International Human Solidarity Day theme, take a photo of your right palm, then upload it on the twibbon below as an example. Post as a status on social media or whatsapp status or others.

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