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What Is Connection Between Dr. Gatling With Machine Guns?

What Is Connection Between Dr. Gatling With Machine Guns? Before answering this question, it helps us to find out who Dr. That gatling is? When we look for information about Dr. Gatling on the google chrome browser, then what appears is atling gun, russian gatling gun, vickers machine gun, agar gun, m1895 machine gun, multi barrel gun, anglo zulu war, and american civil war weapons, etc.

It is increasingly clear that between Dr. Gatling with guns has something to do. Dr. Gatling is an American citizen, he was born September 12, 1818 in Northern California. He attended the University of Cincinnati. His real name was Richard Jordan Gatling, later known as Dr. Gatling.

Dr. Gatling turned out to be the inventor of machine guns. The machine gun was patented under its own name namely the Gatling gun in 1861. The Gatling Gun is a six-barreled machine gun. The machine gun can spit out 200 rounds for one minute.

The Gatling Gun is a manual machine gun that is operated by hand using a multi-barreled crank. The Gatling Gun was the first advanced machine gun.

The Gatling Gun was later used during the American Civil War. He did not expect that his homemade weapon was used for such a gruesome massacre. In subsequent developments the Gatling gun was updated with the use of metal bullets. Weapons with metal bullets were also later used by the United States Army. The entire gun has been manufactured since then in Hatford, Connecticut.

Here are some of the developments of machine guns made by Dr. Gatling.


The first machine gun by Dr. Gatling.

M134 is Machine Gun developed by General Electric, USA, which uses the Gatling working principle. The M134 Machine Gun can fire 2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute.

These weapons compete with 5 of the most lethal machine guns in the world such as: MG42 made by German, M240, GAU-19,  M2 ​​Browning made by US again, and the Russian-made PK.

So briefly about Dr. Gatling. Hope it is useful. See you.

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