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Philadelphia and Kensington Ave, What's Going on Today?


Philadelphia and Kensington Ave, What's going on today? Be title of this post. How's Philadelphia Street? How's Kensington Ave? An earlier post on this blog about how life there was was titled Zombieland inPhiladelphia in September 2021. And also show kensington ave philadelphia video in that post.

This time, after a few months, right this month, this post will report how the state and condition of Philadelphia and Kensington Ave (Kensington ave Philadelphia). Here's a video from Kimgary's YouTube channel with the video entitled:

Kensington Philadelphia 2021 story, What's going on today, December, 01, 2021.

Looking at the show from September to December this year, it seems that Philadelphia and Kensington Ave haven't changed and there isn't even a good development going on there. What exactly happened to Philadelphia and Kensington Ave? The humans on Philadelphia and Kensington Ave were literally lumps of flesh that moved, without a soul. The humans there are like zombies. Come on, come back with the spirit of humanity still there. Be better. You humans are like us in various countries around the world. Come on, stay human.

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