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Tesla Cybertruck: What is That?

Tesla Cybertruck: What is That? Is it really a car? If that's true, how come the car is similar to the car in the scifi films? Cool.

How much does it cost? According to the news, he said on the road for 2 billion. Wow, fantastic price. He also said that the Tesla Cybertruck is the fastest electric car. The speed is 400/km per hour. Whoa. Tesla Cybertruck producted by Tesla.inc.

Surely this year will be perched in the show room of the Salim. Although the shape is unique like a steel can, the Tesla Cybertruck is said to be the safest. So even if it was hit, the person inside just sprained it. Ah, is that so?

And, although the shape looks small, this Tesla Cybertruck is a type of truck. It's good to have a Tesla Cybertruck to raid diamond shops. Hahaha. This is what the cool Tesla Cybertruck looks like.

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