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[Series 4] God Chooses Who Should Die

It seems that at this time God only ordered the angel of death to take the lives of those whose souls had been blessed. God chooses. God is Thorough and Precise. God does not use the lottery technique. God doesn't vote who should die. God chooses and ordains properly. That was the opening of Salimin's sermon in the Friday night recitation in Tarentem village. Dalimin didn't listen well. He tried to close his ear hole by closing the center that is his brain. He never agreed with a single letter that came out of the mouth of his brother, Salimin. Salimin, who is known by Tarentem residents as an obedient human being, his life is neat, and his household harmonious, for Dalimin all of Salimin's life is flawed.

Salimin in his sermon continued that a person whose heart is not yet calm and his soul is not pleasing to God will have his life extended to be given the opportunity to repent. This grant of clemency by God to humans is actually a gift that must be welcomed and grateful for, but the fact is that humans whose souls are not calm are getting further and further away from a straight step. Far away from God.

Dalimin sits nodding off with Salimin's chatter.

When a person dies, there are four wishes for his mourners. First, why did this person die? Why not just that? Second, some hope, why did you remove him, why not just me? And there is another third small circle of gratitude that the person's death was wanted. The last group is people who surrender. Whatever God wants, willingly or forced, must still be accepted, continued Salimin.

"So people who are faithful to do good, without expecting anything other than the pleasure of God, be prepared to be revoked at any time! And be grateful when later I, or you, the congregation are chosen to immediately appear before God because you are considered the best and choice."

"Similarly, humans who are only complements in this world, who do not provide much benefit to other humans and the environment, be happy because you have extended their life. Hopefully this type of human being is given guidance in the realization that the extension of his life in the midst of this gray age is a sign that God loves them, loves them, and gives them the consciousness to repent."

Dalimin not only fell fast asleep in his seat, even his saliva fell on his sheath. His ears were actually closed magically. Or maybe his heart has become as hard as stone so that he is unable to receive any good news. The only one who really knows is Dalimin himself. What many people know is how much Dalimin hates his own brother.

After the Friday night recitation, Dalimin confronted Salimin on the street. "So you think I'm just trash in society? You accuse me of being a useless human?" Dalimin jerked to Salimin.

"Loh, why think like that? Doesn't the content of my lecture not point to someone's identity?"

"Yes indeed, but I know very well your nature. Your tongue is indeed a venomous snake!"

"Did I hurt your heart? Did the content of my lecture offend you? Then in which sentence of my speech hurt you?"

"Anyway, I don't like the content of your lecture. I'm not going to attend your recitation anymore!"

Actually, Dalimin never really knew what Salimin's lecture was about. After all, what he did during the recitation was just sleeping! He was really looking for a ploy to outperform his brother's good name. Early in the morning Dalimin seemed to invite his wife and several other people to bring some gifts to be distributed to the villagers.

The parcel contained a kilo of rice, half a kilo of sugar, a kilo of oil, and ten packets of instant noodles. When giving gifts to neighbors, it begins and ends with the sentence: "Please accept, we are distributing fortune. Sharing is better than being stingy like that!" While glancing at the Salimin house.

His name is a neighbor or whoever when you get something free, just accept it. After all, that's luck. Actually the neighbors know very well Dalimin. He just doesn't want his name to be lower than Salimin. That way who knows a little can purify his name. In his mind he thought that his neighbors who had received the parcel would gossip about Dalimin as a kind and generous person. The praise was already exorbitant above his brother's good name. After all the gifts were finished, they went home and slept soundly.

After Friday prayers, some villagers still live in the mosque. They approached Salimin wanting to invite him to talk about the contents of his lecture at the Friday night recitation.

"Ustad, is it true that at this time God only takes the lives of good people?" Ask one who can be called Bidin.

"That's right, God will leave more people who are not good as watchers of doom and even doomsday!"

"Naudzubillah, Taz!"

"Are we among the bad guys?"

"The one who can judge is not us, only God my brother!"

"But Ustadz said God only deprives good people."

"Yes, we are just waiting for our turn. When the time comes we will know whether we are good people or not. The point is the content of my lecture is not to judge anyone. I only motivate that a good human being is the most beneficial to other humans. Do you understand?"

At first those who approached Salimin's seat wanted to ask a lot of things, but when Salimin said the last sentence, all their questions were forgotten.

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