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[Series 3] Dalimin, Dogs, and Angels

When Dalimin felt his end was near, he ordered his wife to buy dogs on the black market. Bu Dal, as Dalimin's wife was called, went to the market to fulfill her husband's orders. He thought maybe it was the last wish that could reassure him when his spirit was removed.

Bu Dal came home from the market with a dog and named her Black. Dalimin felt a little relieved.

"Why does Papa have to keep a dog when Papa feels death is near?" Ask his wife marketing. He was even more curious when Dalimin asked him to come closer to the side of the bed that contained his husband.

"He's my savior Mama!"

"How come?"

Dalimin is silent, he doesn't want to share the secrets of his heart even with his wife, making his wife even more curious. She seduced her husband in various ways to reveal the secret.

"Look Ma, there is a hadith that states that the angels will not enter a house where there is a dog and a statue."

"It means?"

"Papa told Mama to buy this dog so Papa would be safe."

"What do you mean by us raising this dog the grim reaper won't come into our house?"

"Well, right!"

Swiftly and quickly, Bu Dal managed to bring a dog and named it Black. Even so, she still felt strange about her husband's statement. He then went to Dalimin's brother, Salimin. Salimin was at home when Dalimin's wife met him.

"Why does it seem like there's something important to talk about?"

Tell Mrs. Dal at length.

Salimin laughed out loud when he heard the tale of his sister's wife.

"Come on, let's go to Dalimin!"

Dalimin's wife just followed with her face looking even more confused.

"I'll explain in front of your husband!"

Salimin arrived, followed by Dalimin's wife right on the bed containing Dalimin and Black.


"Yes Min, come over to my house, what do you need?"

"Look, your wife came up to me and told me a lot about you and even about this dog!" Salimin pointed at Black.


"If you feel that your death is near, ask God for more forgiveness, instead of buying a dog to raise?"

"I'm terrified of death!"

"Even if you keep a dog, the angel of death will still enter this room and take your life! I'm sure of it!"

"Ah, don't be so scary! I feel like I'm not ready to die yet!"

"If by raising dogs the grim reaper won't come into your room, why do so many who keep dogs die too?"

Dalimin was silent.

After a long silence, Dalimin asked again. "Then what does the hadith mean?"

"An angel will not enter our house if there is a dog and a statue in it means that blessings will not enter our house if we are like dogs and statues! Look at how dogs are? Noisy and like to bark even for no reason. Look at the statue too, he is in our house, but just silent without any communication! That's the nature that makes the angel who brings God's grace will not enter our house. So if you feel you are going to die, you will still die if God has decided the time even though you keep dog!"

Dalimin was silent. His wife was also silent. Black alone is noisy with his barking.

"Wife, sell that dog again! It's okay to buy cheap!"

Dalimin's wife dragged the dog to the market and sold it. Weeks, months, even years later, Dalimin is still healthy and alive. Of course not because I've had a dog.

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