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Louis Cardin Silver EDP is Recommended Parfume for Man (The Best Choice)

What is Louis Cardin Silver EDP? Louis Cardin Silver EDP is one of the Louis Cardin product brands which is manufactured in the United Arab Emirates. Louis Cardin was originally a watchmaker manufacturer in 2011 for the whole country. Then in 2013 started the production of Roll-ons, body creams, body creams and of course perfumes.

Louis Cardin Silver EDP which contains 100 ml is a product that I love and use. The main thing that makes me love it is that it contains the essence of the perfume of the Prophet Muhammad, namely Amber or known by its original name as Ambergris. Ambergris is frozen whale vomit which later becomes the raw material for making perfume. Ambergris or amber is the most expensive perfume ever to date.

Main accords
warm spicy

The Louis Cardin Silver EDP fragrance opens with the signature Fresh Spicy aroma of Passion Fruit, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Apple, Black Pepper, Pink Pepper. Then the next aroma is the middle aroma with the smell of Mint, Cardamom, Ginger with the base notes of Vanilla, White Musk, and Tonka Beans. And the ultimate scent that lingers throughout the day even the next day is Ambergris (amber). Do not believe please prove yourself.

How much is the market price of Louis Cardin Silver EDP? Do you want fake or original? The original Louis Cardin Silver EDP price, factory price 100 ml only $36.9. I don't know the fake. You can find Louis Cardin Silver EDP KW at Tokopedia or Shopee.

Come on, hurry up and buy it now, it smells good. If you don't believe, prove it. If after buying it, but it doesn't meet your expectations, just come back, but not to me. Just go back to the factory! Lol. As a clear proof I'm a user and find it suitable.

“Feeling close to the Prophet, at least through perfume.”

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Louis Cardin Silver Eau De Parfume 100ml

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