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[Series 2] Eight-Handed God

Salimin believes that God has two hands. He believed that man was a representation of God. If humans have two hands, then God must have two hands. Two hands for God is enough to be a creator so as to create anything in the universe completely and harmoniously.

Meanwhile, Dalimin believes that God has eight hands. He believed in God more than the human image of his god. There is no way that God is like a human with two hands. God must have more than two hands. Two hands for God signify imperfection because he is still the same as his creation, namely humans.

To show his sense of divinity, Salimin made a statue of a two-handed god. He proclaimed to all residents of the village of the statue and declared his belief openly that God had two hands. Likewise with Dalimin, to worship his god, he also made a statue of a god with many hands. Similar to what Salimin did, he also proclaimed that God had eight hands.

Salimin then recruited many people and enlightened them about the god he believed in. Likewise Dalimin. They both increase the number of worshipers. That was the beginning of religious events becoming conflicts in social life.

"Where is the eight-armed god? Not symmetrical in its form as a perfect god worshiped by humans!" Salimin always started his religious lectures.

"Humans are the embodiment of divinity. Humans have the attributes of a god. Humans are similar to their creator. So it is impossible for an eight-handed god!"

Likewise with Dalimin, in a different place from Salimin, he also gave a lecture in front of his congregation by saying: "God cannot be the same as his creation. It is impossible for God to be the same as humans. If God is similar to humans, it means he is not perfect as a god. To show his omnipotence, god must be more than the image of humanity. So god must be eight-handed because it shows his greatness and perfection!"

One day Salimin and his congregation planned a strategy with his congregation secretly. They do not agree with the belief in divinity carried out by Dalimin and his congregation. The eight-handed God is apostasy, disbelief that must be suppressed.

They did that plan. Salimin with his congregation that night guerrilla. They went to all the statues of the eight-armed god and cut off his hands so that they were left in two. There is no eight-handed god anymore. All became two-handed gods like the beliefs of Salimin and his congregation.

Salimin then gave his lecture and strengthened his belief. "It's true what I say that God has two hands. No matter how many people add hands to his god, God has shown what happened to an eight-handed god. God has cut his own hand into two hands. believe!"

"Let us testify that God has two hands, and that he who has more than two hands is a heretic!" The roar of the testimony was then followed by a commotion.

Dalimin and his congregation stormed the place of worship of Salimin and his congregation. They brought village war tools. Some carried machetes, knives, shovels, clubs, torches, crowbars, and other dangerous sharp weapons.

Salimin confronted him like a hero at the forefront of dealing directly with Dalimin.

"What is this?" Ask Salimin nicely.

"You and your congregation have committed acts of abuse of our faith!" Dalimin shouted.

"What does it mean?"

"You have cut off the hand of our god and left two! This is a great humiliation!"

"Wait! What are you accusing us of doing?"

"You must have done it because you have a two-handed belief in God!"

"We did not do as you accuse. Think about it carefully. If your god and the congregation really have eight hands, it is impossible for God to cut his own hand in two, if your god is really eight. That proves that only our belief is correct that two-handed god!"

"You can't. This is your and your congregation's fabrication. You have committed crimes and violated our faith!"

The two faith groups then got into a physical fight because arguing could not solve the problem. There was commotion and brutality. The Dalimin congregation really took advantage of their sharp weapons. They attacked the Salimin congregation and targeted their hands. They cut off the hands of the Salimin congregation. None of the Salimin congregation had hands, all were maimed.

"God has rewarded you this time. Our God asked for your hands in exchange for the hands of God that you cut off! This is God's command! Until this moment, do you still believe that God has two hands after God cut off your hands?"

"We believe in a two-handed god. No matter what happens, you can't possibly take our belief in a two-handed god even if you kill us. We are increasingly convinced that God is indeed two-handed!"

"All congregations, remember today's events well. God has shown us that the crimes of this group against our god have been avenged by God and cut off their hands. Who makes fun of our god, then God himself will punish him. This is a warning For them, if they haven't changed their belief that God has eight hands, one day God will cut their throats!"

Dalimin and his congregation then left the Salimin place of worship. Dalimin together with the congregation then repaired the statue of his god and made eight hands of god again.

The tragedy that occurred at the place of worship of Salimin and his congregation has surfaced in the media. The police arrested the two groups involved. Long story short, their case was tried. The trial results showed that the Salimin group was the mastermind behind the riots and was considered a deviant belief group. The Salimin group was convicted as a dangerous group. Since then the existence of the Salimin group, which believes in a two-handed god, has been banned forever. Dalimin's group won. They are increasingly convinced that God has eight hands.

"Let us testify to confirm our beliefs. Follow my words!" Dalimin said in the courtroom to his supporters.

"I testify that a god has eight hands. And I testify that a god has no eight hands is a heretic!" Simultaneously the others imitated Dalimin's words.

Salimin wakes up startled. His body was full of sweat. “Fortunately it was only a dream! If it really happened, I really feel sorry for my congregation who had their hands cut off defending their beliefs! What sign is this?”

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