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[Series 1] Choose Sitting or Squatting?

It is already the third day Dalimin and his wife have not agreed on one thing. The difference in voices eventually culminated into a heated argument. Dalimin's wife is not satisfied with arguing. His hands and feet felt itchy and hot. She pelted her husband with kitchen utensils. The pots flew.

Likewise with Dalimin. He is also not satisfied with just tightening the jugular vein. He also took out the veins of his arm by pounding the table until it bounced. He also hit the door until it was off the hinges. Luckily the frame is firmly attached to the wall, otherwise it will fly away.

In fact, at first, they only negotiated gently about choosing a sitting or squatting toilet. So far, they are cultured to defecate in the river. Their stomachs are healthy. Every morning and night, diligently to the river bank in front of his house. Squat, o'ok! If they wake up late in the day they persist not to defecate. Shame and there have been many people passing by, he said. After a while they felt uncomfortable too. That's why the idea arose to create a toilet at home.

Dalimin's wife wanted the toilet to sit while Dalimin chose the squat one. His wife reasoned that the sitting toilet seemed luxurious and raised the social status of the family. He gave the example of Mrs. Feny's bathroom. One day he borrowed his bathroom and peeed. He was inside for a long time until finally Bu Feny banged on him, thought he had fainted. Dalimin's wife is very ambitious in her house perched on a magnificent sitting toilet.

Dalimin wants a squat toilet. The first time a place to defecate that entered Indonesia was a squat toilet (that's according to his tongue, not his brain). He has a strong argument that the squat toilet is a hereditary legacy. He lectured his wife imitating Bung Karno's words: 'We must never forget history.' We must not throw away our ancestral cultural heritage so that it does not become a disaster, said Dalimin.

"Can't! Anyway, mommy wants the toilet to sit! POINT!"

"You can't do that. Mami according to whom? Husband, right?"

"But about the toilet, NO!"

"If not, who do I think? Bang Jimi the itchy neighbor?"

"Why carry around sweet Bang Jimi?"

Praak! Narsih, Dalimin's wife fell down and fainted after Dalimin landed a slap on his wife's cheek.

This kind of incident did not happen once or twice. Dalimin and his wife are used to doing and experiencing war. His neighbors also understand so there is no need to intervene or eavesdrop. His closest neighbors instead chose to sleep when Dalimin and his wife fought. Do they think Dalimin's household wars are considered lullaby? It's weird and outrageous.

Because he was used to it, Dalimin easily woke Narsih from his stupor. Just hold the hot Soto Ayam-flavored Instant Noodle near his nose. Must be awake in two seconds.

"How? Still choose the toilet seat?" Dalimin asked his wife.

"Once I said the toilet was sitting, the toilet was still sitting. Until it died, the toilet was sitting!"

"Yes, I did! Since we didn't agree, we went back to the river. How about it?"


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