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[Series] Salimin and Dalimin


Millennials are an era that has a wide gap between two generations. Generations of posterity and generations before. The stretch of this era raises many problems, especially communication vulnerabilities in society, especially digital. Many freedoms violate the standard values ​​of society. Many people can't stop themselves from making judgments about other people's personalities or community groups.

The Salimin and Dalimin series is an example of a portrait of dialectical facts in a pluralistic society, representing a record of phenomena that occur in society. A society with multiple understandings of life. The problems raised in this series are real in social life, although of course in different languages. The dialogue between Salimin and Dalimin and their congregation at least parses the problem to find a complete understanding.

The Salimin and Dalimin series are made in the form of stories per topic per title. Although brief, but at least after parsing the problem found values ​​and messages to reconstruct. Of course, the results of the reconstruction are valuable to fill in the blanks in the realm of the writer's own values ​​and/or readers' values.

In the politics of war, Sun Tzu advised that it is better to survive. Refrain from reacting quickly to other people's circumstances or behavior and choosing the right time to convey ideas that have been matured in your mind. The idea of ​​survival is very rare and actually very appropriate to do in this era.

Hopefully this Salimin and Dalimin series will contribute good value to readers so that they can form an intelligent society. Hopefully the strands of values ​​contained provide a form of civilized humanity. Although the contribution of ideas in this fiction is small, at least the author's intentions are conveyed. Happy reading and be a good reader.

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